Friday, November 28, 2014

When Heaven Comes Down....

"This is what it sounds like
When you sing heavens song
This is what it feels like when heaven comes down
This is what it looks like when God is all around
Let it come" - Bethel Live

Path at Mt Rainier

Oh, guys.  I don't even have the words tonight, but will try.  I'm going home.  Not right this second, but on Wednesday.  And it's ok.  More than ok, it is good.  And I'm still learning lessons in the midst of all this.  I love that I have amazing people, both old and new, who can walk with me and speak into the broken areas in the middle of all of this uncertainty.  After a total meltdown tonight, I was walking back up the hill to the guesthouse, and stopped at the basketball courts again.  I think some of my favorite stories from this trip will be from the basketball court.  There were kids everywhere, since it is a Friday night, which also makes it a movie night.  American kids and Haitian kids, running and playing together.  Shooting hoops, and kicking the soccer balls, laughing and talking.  There was so much love.  

To backtrack a little bit.  The song above is one that has been on my computer for a while, but it came with/after another song, and I never got that far.  Until the other day, and it's only two verses, but it's amazing.  And tonight, as I watched the kids playing on the playground, this portion of the song just played over and over again in my head.   As it sank in, I was reminded of the verse, "Let the little children come unto Me, for such is the kingdom of Heaven."  And so the two melded into one.  The kids playing together, and loving each other, and even the parents, being fully invested in this amazing place, and these people, this is Heaven's song.  And to stand there and watch it, you could feel Heaven come down.

Let it come.

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