Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hawaii, Part II

“The page is long, blank, and full of truth. When I am through with it, it shall probably be long, full, and empty with words.” 
― Jack Kerouac, Atop an Underwood: Early Stories and Other Writings

Me in the Surf, Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

After that amazing breakfast that first morning. we headed back to the Peace Garden, which advertised reasonable prices and beautiful flowers.  Well, the flowers were beautiful, but they were the same ones we had been seeing along the roadside, so not very exciting, and at $10, not much of a bargain.  So, off we went, on down the coast.  That day, there was a lot of driving.  From one side of the island to the other, the very long way around.  The good news was, that there were a lot of things to be distracted by.  Lots of turn outs for ocean time.  A sacred place full of statues and sea turtles, and then a black sand beach.  Yes, black sand.  Oh, and did I mention the sea turtle basking in the sun along the shore?  And then, there were the goose crossing signs.  NeNe to be exact.  Which, when I saw a picture of them later, I thought they looked like Canadian geese, and then read that they were descendants of them.  

We knew we wanted to return to the Volcanoes National Park area later in the week, so we stopped in to the visitors center to obtain some information.  This is when my National Park Pass comes in handy.  It was free to get in, as many times as we wanted.  By this time, there were still plenty of beaches and things to see, but we were ready to just be at the hostel, so we pressed on, and made it there in good time.

A little while after arriving, I received a text from my cousin, about meeting for dinner.   Decided I needed a shower before heading out, since I was feeling pretty grungy after traveling all day.  Hopped in the shower, and since there was another girl in the room, undressed in the shower.  Saw a bag on a ledge above the shower, and thought, great, I can just set my clothes up there.  So, I did.  2 seconds later, thunk.  I looked up.  Half my clothes were gone.  Not a ledge.  The bag I was seeing had just gotten lodged in that position.  20 minutes, and a lot of work later, my clothes (which had my car keys in them), were retrieved, and off I went.   I had not seen my cousin in years, and had never met his wife, so was looking forward to this occasion.  They had picked an Asian restaurant, and I ordered a local dish, Beef Teriyaki Ramen.  :-)  I quickly got to liking my cousin's wife.  She is a sweet and amazing woman.  Considerate, and constantly looking out for others.  And, as a local, she had quite a bit of advice on places to go and things to see, which was great.  Enjoyed a great meal with great company, and then we headed over to my cousin's brother-in-law's gallery to look at the photos of lava eruptions/flow.  He had some amazing pictures, and we discussed places to go/things to see for photographs.  Then, my cousin's wife pulled out one last surprise.  Something simple, but so kind and thoughtful.  A cooler.  Filled with drinks for us to have while we were out driving/exploring.  Such a wonderful woman.

And we'll pick up another day with the ongoing Hawaii adventures.  Lots more stories to come.

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