Friday, September 12, 2014


I can't even speak Hawaiian, but if you go there and listen to a Hawaiian song, you get captured because it's so beautiful, like the melody is just gorgeous and you know Bob Marley is on the radio every single day. It's very reggae-influenced down there. Basically, you haven't been to paradise if you haven't been to Hawaii.
Bruno Mars

Akaka Falls near Hilo, HI

Ok, a couple more quick stories from the plane before we move on to the main event.  On the flight that I was seated next to the baby, I asked the flight attendant for her name, and she said, "Martha.  Martha Stewardess."  It made me laugh.  She was absolutely delightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed having her on the flight.  When we were first boarding, she had noted my "Charlottesville Women's Choir" tshirt, and asked me to sing a song.  Her request?  "Leaving On a Jet Plane".On the second leg of my trip, I was a little concerned when, on takeoff, and for a while after, a mist came pouring out from some vents in the area of the aircraft where I was sitting, but it eventually dissipated, and no problems occurred.  On the last leg, when I sat with the girl who would eventually become my travel companion for the next few days, as we talked about our flights, and how she had booked hers at the last minute, she happened to mention that she was originally scheduled to be in a seat further back, but had changed it that morning before getting on the plane.  Which was funny, because I also had changed mine that morning from what it had been previously.  When we compared notes, we realized we would have been in the same row if we hadn't switched seats as well.  Funny how things work out.

And then we arrived in Kona, HI.  The Kona airport was small and cute.  It reminded me of Homer, AK, but with more flavor.  There was a statue of hula dancers out front, and lots of "native" artwork about.  A vending machine with lei's for sale.  It was a great beginning to the trip.  After picking up the rental car, we quickly headed over to the hostel, as it was getting close to midnight PST, even thought it was only 9 in Hawaii time.  The next morning, we woke up bright and early and headed out the long way around the island from Kona to Hilo.  We started on the road, and of course, almost immediately got distracted.  Headed down another road, which led to a beach.  With dolphins.  Over 30 of them.  Swimming in a cove.  In which you could also snorkel or go kayaking (a guy was renting equipment, of course).   A cove surrounded by black lava rocks.  On which there were hundreds of small black crabs (a'ama crabs or black spiders as called by one of the locals).  That was when I really fell in love with Hawaii.  Not to mention all the large and beautiful flowers covering the roadsides.  No, really.  There are pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Which will take much time to go through, so enjoy when they get posted with the blog.  Or, check back occasionally at my Picasa page.  Then we got hungry, since the hostel did not serve any sort of breakfast, and so we began the great breakfast search.  And instead, found the Peace Gardens, where yoga was about to start.  Made the decision that we really did need to eat, and asked the person where a good restaurant would be, and were directed back up the road a bit.  To an amazing restaurant.  With a variety of food on the menu.  Including a breakfast wrap, which sounded intriguing, but lost out to Hawaiian Sweetbread French Toast.  Yummmmmmmmmmm.......  Big, thick, slabs of sweet bread.  With butter and syrup.  Absolutely amazing.  My companion also enjoyed her breakfast of eggs, veggie sausage, home fries (which were made with scalloped instead of diced potatoes, but very good), and toast.  We ate every last bite.

Ok.  So, I know this isn't a really good place to stop (except you really should dwell on that food for a bit, we sure did!), but the volcanoes are calling, and we must go before it gets too hot.  So, until next time.

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