Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is the World as Best as I Can Remember It.....

Robin Williams

I had a post all written for today.  Literally.  I typed it up 2 nights ago before going to bed in my tent on the shore of Lake Superior.  But, I want to make sure to remember Robin Williams, who passed away yesterday.  Tonight, we watched Dead Poets' Society in his honor/memory.  So, seize the day, people!  Go out and live.  And, if you're struggling with depression, and having thoughts of suicide, please....call a friend, call a pastor, call a counselor, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, call 911.  Someday, this too shall pass, and you don't want to come to the end of your life, and find that you had not yet begun to live.


I feel like I've been using the word uneventful fairly frequently, but that really is the most appropriate word  sometimes, and so it goes with my time in Virginia.  I arrived home a day earlier than planned (thanks, Diane!), and spent the first night just settling in.  The next morning was somewhat haphazard.  I went to put the picture that I bought into my apartment (my subletter is letting me keep it inside until January), and got sidetracked by Morganfee (my mare).  I love seeing her.  It doesn't matter how long I've been gone, as soon as I say her name, her head comes up, her ears come up, and she starts looking to figure out where I am.  She's not normally a demonstrative horse,  but with me, she's my girl.  You can read more of our story HERE.  Finally got the picture into the apartment, and started to head back to the house with a couple of bags.  Got as far as the front door, when the big pond started calling my name.  Abandoned the bags by the door, and headed down to the water.  Took their dog with me.  I was wearing capris, so when I toed the water and found it warm, waded on in.  But it was just too inviting, so I ended up soaking wet.  After a nice swim, headed back up to the house, and got sidetracked by my horse again.  Off on a walk we went.  Up to the riding ring, where we walked around on the lead a bit, then lunged off the lead, because she's just awesome like that, then walked back down by the pond and back up to the field, where she got groomed and fly sprayed before getting turned back out.  It was a good way to start my time back in Virginia.  After a few days at the farm, I moved on down the road, and stayed at the farm that I used to work at for a few days.  Got to hang out a lot with the baby I helped deliver, who has grown a lot since I saw him last.  Helped out some with the farm chores, had a few drinks in the evenings while watching the bonfire, and observing the beautiful colors of the sun going down, and then the stars and moon coming up into the night sky.  It was a delightful few days, that went by far too quickly, and then it was time to head back home for a night of square dancing.  It was great seeing all the people from my local club again, some of whom I had not seen when I was there in April.  I was also able to catch up with everyone from work again, which was neat.  They are all doing amazing things while I'm gone, going to school, taking trips, and one is even considering joining the Peace Corps.  After a few more days at both farms, I was finally ready to move on again.  The day before I left was the first day that I felt like it was okay to leave again.  Up to that point, all I wanted to do was stay at the house, and never leave. When I finally did leave, it was alright.  It was time; I was free to go.  There were a couple of other things that made leaving easier.  The first one is how fast time has flown by, both throughout the past 6 months, as well as in between the times I have made it back home.  The second thing is that I'm pretty sure I will be back, possibly for a week or two, possibly for over a month, at the end of September or in October.  And that is coming up quicker than you would think.  So, on the road again I went....

I mentioned what amazing friends I have, right?  Well, 2 of them (a married couple) just so happen to live in Ohio.  Which just happens to be a short day's drive from VA, and just about halfway between Charlottesville and where the Wisconsin State Square Dance Convention was being held.  And, because they are so awesome, not only did they let me stay with them that night, but they also let me go to the Cincnnati Reds game with them that night.  That was great, because going to a live ball game (of any sort), was on my list of things to do this year, and I hadn't yet figured out how that was going to happen.  Now, it's been years since I've been to a ball game.  The last time I went, I was in Texas, and my brother had an extra ticket to the Baylor Bears game.  I'd forgotten how much fun games are.  The crowd gets all excited, lots of chanting and cheering and excitement.  Oh, and did I mention that in this case, we also had passes to the Champions Club?  Free food and  non-alcoholic drinks?  Yes, please.  Pizza.  Hot dogs.  Soda.  Fudgesicles.  And all manner of other kinds of food.  Not to mention the peanuts just inside the stadium, and the free popcorn they throw at you during the game.  Once again, another occasion where if you went away hungry, it was your own fault.  Oh, and the Reds won.  :-)  The first half or so of the game, I was able to sit with my friends, even though my seat was actually one section over.  Then, the people all came out of the Clubhouse, and I had to go sit in my actual section.  Which would have been fine, anyways, but was doubly fine because of the guys sitting behind me.  The one guy kept saying (no matter what the situation), "Can't we all just get along?" and then made the other guy apologize to me for saying "Hell". Said he needed to watch his language, because there were ladies present.  Did I mention they'd had a few beers?  Then they asked where I was from, and I became their token Virginian for the rest of the game.  Or at least as long as I sat with them, anyways.  At one point, they called one of their friends who was in a different section and told him to come over, as there were extra seats where we were.  He arrive, and began complaining about the people that had been sitting next to him at his old seat.  Apparently, they were Cleveland Indian fans and "Bible thumpers".  In the next breath, he was calling them "Commies" at which point, I burst out laughing and turned to him.  "Bible thumping Commies, huh?"  He immediately got red in the face, thinking he had offended me,
but I laughingly told him that I just thought it was horribly ironic and funny that he would coming these two names when describing someone.  The whole gang laughed, as well, when they realized what I meant.  And then, it was the seventh inning, and the Reds were well ahead, and people started leaving, so I was able to go back with my friends.  As we had been going in the gate, the lady had heard that it was bobble head night, so we went to the main gate upon entering, and received a Bruce bobble head for our troubles.  Then, my friends helped me get a certificate for it being my first Reds game.  I have a vision for it, combining the ticket, the certificate, and the bobble head when I get home.  It was a great night.

But, the fun didn't stop there!

And, well, that's as far as I got the other night, so I'm off to bed, and will have to finish the rest later.  I'm staying put for the next 2 weeks, so hopefully will be able to completely catch up.

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