Friday, August 8, 2014

Finally home.....

“God did not give Joseph any special information about how to get from being the son of a nomad in Palestine to being Pharaoh's right hand man in Egypt. What He did give Joseph were eleven jealous brothers, the attention of a very loose and vengeful woman, the ability to do the service of interpreting dreams and managing other people's affairs and the grace to do that faithfully wherever he was.” 

― Rich Mullins

Cincinnati Reds game

I'm at the point now, where I feel like I'm so far behind that it will be impossible to catch up, which makes me not want to start.  :-)  But, there have been so many good things, I'm going to try and start.

The last time we saw this wanderer, she was crossing the border from TN to NC and feeling a lot better because she was so much closer to home.  That was on a Tuesday, and I wasn't due into Raleigh for a horse show until Thursday, so stopped at a KOA and spent two days just crashing.  Sleeping, resting, swimming, window shopping.  Getting more ideas for when I finally do get home at the end of the year.  And then, it was time to head to Raleigh.  I know I've discussed how much I love volunteering at horse shows before, but it definitely bears repeating.  Normally.  This is the second time I have volunteered with this particular group that I've had to run 3 riding rings out of one warm up ring.  And, last time that wasn't such an issue, because the riding rings each had a ring steward, so they were able to keep me well updated on which horses were going in/out, so I was better able to keep the riders updated on where they were in the line up, and when they needed to head over.  However, at this one, 3 of the riding rings were run by one ring steward, and she was having trouble keeping up.  They finally found someone else to help just keep track of who was going in and out, but since this was her first show volunteering, she also had issues occasionally, and sometimes I had some very frustrated riders, but for the most part, everyone was very understanding, and I was able to keep everything running smoothly and on time.  Again, give me a clipboard, a walkie-talkie, and make me keep people straight, and I'm happy.  :-)  The first 2 days were setup only, and they were long, but good days out in the sun.  It had been supposed to rain most of the weekend, but thankfully held off till almost the end.  As it's getting closer to the end of the year, and people are no longer needing scores for various finals, there were not as many upper level rides/riders to watch, but there were some cute young horses, a fun fjord with an interesting pattern shaved into his mane, and some nice freestyles.  Very adorable ponies.  And some nice young people and trainers working with the horses.  Overall, it was a good show.  Then, it was Sunday afternoon.  And the clouds started getting darker.  Thunder rolled, and then the lightning came down.  The show was called for a little while to give the lightning time to pass, and everybody was told to take cover.  I went up to the show office, and was in a room by myself, when the thought passed through my head that, at least it wasn't a tornado.  And in that moment, my world came down.  I have gotten much better about not playing the "What if" game, but at that second, the enormity of what would happen if a tornado did hit, hit me.  There wasn't a thing we could do.  An act of nature.  People could take cover, and the horses were covered, but if it tore through the show grounds.......the devastation.  Loss of life of people and horses.  I was glad I was alone, because it took me a few minutes to regain my composure.  The thunder and lightning faded.  A light shower remained for a little longer, but the show restarted and went on, and all was well.  The sun eventually came back out.  And the rain had cooled everything off.   It was a good end to the show. 

I had planned to stay and help pack up, and I did for a little while, but left around 6pm, because at that point, I could still get home at a reasonable hour.  Home.  What a blessed word.  The drive was completely  uneventful, but seemed soooo much longer than the 3.5 hours that it was.  But, finally, I was driving down the long, gravel driveway to my house.  It was dark, so couldn't see the ponies, but could hear them and the cows moving around in the dark, as I rolled down the windows.  Settled into the house for the night.

And more will have to be a story for another day.  I'm settled in at the Wisconsin State Square Dance Convention for the next few days, so should have some catch up time.

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