Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Geico is a 5 letter word....

"A fun game to play with car insurance companies is to see how long  you can keep them on the phone before they realize you're trying to insure the Batmobile." - Adam Newman

Geico is a 5 letter word like Delta is a 5 letter word.  Like Wells Fargo would be, if it were just 5 letters.  Maybe we could just call it Fargo?  And they should all actually be 4 letter words, because they're that dirty.  :-)  In fact, I'm thinking of using them in place of 4 letter words.  Stubbed my toe? Delta.  Somebody flakes out on me?  Geico.  Disappointed?  Wells Fargo.  See, it works.  Who wants to join me? 

 So, Geico FINALLY admitted that their guy was at fault.  Only after my insurance took them to mediation, of course, but who's counting?  Now, they're saying that because my other expenses (for flight/cab fare during time my car was in shop) were not mentioned during mediation, they might not be covered.  It MIGHT be covered, but they just want to prepare me in case it's not.  I've heard this one before.  That's where we started with the whole insurance claim to begin with.  Submitting my receipts, crossing my fingers, throwing up a prayer, and waiting.

Today is finally the day I leave for Alaska.  Usually, my flights out are early in the morning, so it's odd having all day to prepare, since my flight doesn't leave until the evening.  But, guess who's flying in Texas today as well?  Ooooh, and he just happens to be another 5 letter word.  You guessed it, Obama.  Now, Obama never figures in well with my plans whenever he's in the area.  I thought I'd posted about the last 2 times he was in Charlottesville, but looking back, apparently not, so let's start there.   First, just for reference, try going to Google maps and putting in Charlottesville, VA.  Zoom in a little.  Look at the intersection of 29N with 250E and then the river that creates a weirdly shaped square(ish) area in there.  Now, when Obama comes to Charlottesville, he flies into the airport on 29N (above the area I'm speaking about).  Once, he went to UVA, and once he went to Monticello.  Never mind that he could have taken a helicopter in to Monticello and NOT shut down the whole city.  That would be too easy.  So, when he gets there, and when he leaves, for an extended period of time, they shut down 29 and 250 (and any other roads along his path as well, but for the moment let's concentrate on this).  I work within that square.  There are a lot of shops/business/etc in that square.  Nobody could get in or out of that square with those roads shut down.  Now, George Bush used to come through Waco all the time when he lived out at Crawford and was President.  Guess what?  There were no road shutdowns when he traveled.  You would be driving along the road, and say, "Oh, hey, look, there's the presidential motorcade." and then go on with your day.  Seriously.  Fast forward a little ways.  When I'm flying out of Charlottesville, I can fly through either Philly or Charlotte when flying US Airways, as these are there major hubs.  I try very hard not to fly through Philly, because that's always a disaster.  The ONLY time I had trouble in Charlotte, was when I got there, and the whole airport was shut down for flights.  Nothing flying in or out.  The reason?  Obama was flying out, and we had to wait while he was in the area for his plane to get boarded and take off before anything else could move.  Ridiculous.  So, my mom walks in the door this morning after working all night, and informs me that Obama is in Austin right now (where I'm flying out of) and that he will be going to Dallas.  Which means traffic could be a pain, or that my flight could be delayed.  Thankfully, this should  not actually be the issue today, since it says he will be at Love Field mid-afternoon, and my flight doesn't leave until early evening, and I do have a 3 hour layover in Seattle, but still.  It did make my heart stop a little when I heard that he was in Austin.  But, I'm not flying Delta, so everything should be ok, right? 

In other news, may or may not have internet access while in Alaska, so will update when I'm back, if I don't get the chance before.

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