Thursday, June 19, 2014

Holding Pattern....

“When you pray, rather let your heart be without words then your words without 
heart. ” 

Mt Rushmore, SD

I feel like I'm in a holding pattern.  I have my car.  I've sorted through my things for the second half of the journey.  I've visited friends and family.  I've FINALLY gotten all the cut down trees chopped up and burned from mom's fields.  I keep breaking the riding lawn mower.  It's time to move on. 

I sent a note to my friend/landlord saying how good it would be to be home at the end of the year.  And she agreed and suggested I come back now.  And you have no idea how tempting that was.  I miss my home.  I want to take Miss Lucy, throw everything in the car, and head for VA.   Kick out the poor lady that's subletting my apartment, and start decorating.  Did I mention I picked up a few things for the house?  A friend and I went shopping at Kirkland's yesterday, and I found this picture.  I love all things sparkly, and somehow lights within a picture kind of qualified as sparkly.  The cafe lights flicker, as if they are candles, and the lights on the bridge just burn solid.  I love it.  Though, as I turned it on today, I think what I like most about it, is that the lights remind me of a Christmas tree in a weird way.  And speaking of sparkly, this same friend gave me some lotion that has glitter in it, so my skin sparkles.  Yes, I'm silly like that.  The other picture I looked at at Kirkland's was this one.  The contrast of the sepia tones of the rest of the picture with the bright red umbrella just grabs you.  Might have to get it after I get home, if it's still for sale.

Last Saturday, my mom and I made a long day of it, and drove up to Tyler and back for the Texas State Square Dance Convention.  After the smallness of the Texas State Singles Square Dance Convention, and the fact that the State Convention was really only a one day event, my hopes were not high.  However, I was very impressed with how they did it, and just wished it was for more than one day.  There were separate halls for everything (plus, mainstream, rounds, etc), so you didn't have to sit out every other dance if you didn't round dance, or skip back and forth between halls.  I didn't like that there wasn't a free program, so you didn't know who was calling where, when.  I did get to meet/dance to some awesome callers, including Paul Cote, who I didn't know lived in Texas, and really enjoyed.  The level of the dancers was quite good, and overall the weekend was great, even if I ended up dancing the boy's part the whole time because there were not enough men.  I would take off now, but the National Square Dance Convention starts Wed, so my mom and I are headed up to Little Rock on Thurs and staying for the weekend.  This weekend, I might head up to OKC to volunteer at a horse show just to get out of the state.  At the beginning of next month, a friend and I are headed down to San Antonio for two days, and then to Alaska for a while.  THEN I get to leave.  And head up to NE. 

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