Friday, June 27, 2014


A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.
Pam Brown

AZ Sunset

I did it! I made it out of Texas.  Mind you, only for the weekend, and only to Arkansas, but still, it counts.  My mom and I are at the National Square Dance Convention.  It has been a lot of fun.  Lots of people to meet, new callers to hear, lots of dancing, etc.   We're staying at the KOA a little away from the convention center, and I do miss housing right in the middle of everything, but at the same time, it's nice to come back to our little cabin in the woods, and there are other square dancers staying here as well.  We had an uneventful drive up yesterday, and we ran into other dancers at rest stops along the way.  My car has a dancing decal on it, so people introduce themselves.  We danced for several hours yesterday afternoon, and then again last night, shutting down the plus hall, but not staying for any of the after parties.  Nothing too crazy.

And then there was today.  We headed to the convention center, but we were trying to find a different/shorter way in, which we did, and headed down the escalators to the halls.  We were almost to the bottom, when my mom noticed an older couple getting on the escalator going up with a suitcase full of stuff and a walker.  Recipe for disaster.  Sure enough, not 2 seconds later, the wife fell.  My mom and I both leaped off our escalator, and ran over to help.  The lady was fine, just laying still, but awake and talking, and not having any problems, but her husband, who was still standing, said that he was going to fall.  I just thought he was a little unsteady, so tried to assist him in staying standing, but he was leaning against the side of the escalator, and with part of that area being a solid, non-moving wall, and part of it being the steps and rails, which do move, unfortunately, down he went, and I went with him.  We both slid a little ways down, and then continued up the escalator in a lying down position.  It was a weird feeling, sliding down stairs that were moving up, and then going up an escalator, laying down, with my head pointed down, but we all made it to the top.   Thankfully, the man was not injured, and I was ended up being the only one walking away with injuries!  Sliced open the top of my toe, took part of the nail off 2 toes, and scraped up the leg and knee on that side.  My knee has already turned lots of pretty colors.  :-)   And did I mention I signed up for a square dancing competition tomorrow?  Hopefully taking Ibuprofen tonight and tomorrow am will keep it calm enough to keep dancing on.

We did end up dancing all morning, and then did high energy in the afternoon, before taking a little break back at the cabin.  When we went to pay for parking on the way out, though, I asked for my wallet, and it wasn't in its normal spot.  I recalled using it to pay for ice at the campground that am, so thought it was in the cabin, and wasn't too concerned.  However, when we arrived back at the cabin, I could not find my wallet.  Now, this is not something you want to have happen in general, obviously, but especially when traveling for a year.  Getting everything straightened out would have been a nightmare.  I checked with the campground office and it had not been turned in, so went back to the cabin to do a frantic, pull everything apart search, but, thankfully, in the meantime, my mom had already started searching the car again, and found it trapped next to my seat.  Not sure how it got there, but at least it's found.  We're getting dressed up for the evening dances, and heading out for the night.  Sunday we head back to Texas, hopefully stopping at the Little Rock zoo to see the tiger cubs.  :-)

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