Sunday, June 1, 2014

Don't Hopi....

The world's a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it. - from the movie "Yes Man"

White Sands, NM

Rich Mullins still playing in my head...."Land of My Sojourn" - "Nobody tells you when you get born here, how much you'll come to love it and how you'll never belong here.  So I call you my country, and I'll be longing for my home.  And I wish I could take you there with me."

BTW, the title of the post?  Refers to a tshirt I found at a thrift store here.  Love it.

So, I'm sitting here on the balcony at my uncle's cabin in Pagosa Springs, CO.  It's beautiful here, and right now, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, and doing something I never really thought about doing before: birdwatching.  So far, in the last 15 min, I've seen a Lewis' Woodpecker (named after the explorer), a magpie, a dove, and an Eastern bluebird in the tree directly across from me.  

We've been in CO almost a week now (6 days to be exact) and it's been a great trip.  I came up (see previous post) with my aunt and uncle from Waco, and my mom is driving up today/tomorrow to join.  The first few days after we got to CO, we stayed in the RV while my uncle worked on their other cabin here in Pagosa Springs.  It's one they rent long term, and it ended up being quite a project this week.  Tearing out rotted boards, redoing the plumbing in the kitchen and laundry, digging a ditch to pour concrete around the base of the house, and putting up a shed.  When there wasn't anything for me to help with, I headed out on foot and explored the cozy little town.  Pagosa Springs is best known for its hot springs, and when I walked down by the river (near where the springs are) I encountered tourists rafting down the rapids on the river, and a herd (horde?) of chipmunks on the banks.  Made for some great pictures, which I am still sorting through.  Also, in my spare time, I have been working on sorting pictures.  There are still more than I would like to go through, but am slowly making a dent on them.  Check them out on my Picasa  On Thursday the short term rental became available, so we moved into the house, which is amazing.  It's a cute little log cabin in a subdivision near a lake.  My aunt is an amazing interior decorator, and she and my uncle outdid themselves on it.  It's very rustic and cozy, and you just feel like you are at home.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a cabin to rent near the Rockies in Colorado.  It's about an hour's drive from Durango, which is best known for the train ride that you can take through the mountains to the quaint little town of Silverton, which I had previously been to.

Yesterday, after a long week of working on the other cabin, we did a little more work, before taking a break and heading out for a drive, that turned into a trip up to Lobo Overlook.  Now, my uncle is the TOTAL opposite of me when traveling.  If I think there is something interesting to see/take pictures of, I stop and look around, and take pictures to my heart's content.  My uncle, he sets the cruise control 5 miles over the speed limit and only stops for gas.  Heaven forbid you should need a potty break in between gas stops, but luckily, when you're pulling a large RV with a F350, gas stops are fairly regular.  All that to say, my uncle was telling me about some waterfalls we were about to pass, and he just slowed down a little, wasn't even in the right lane to pull off and see them.  Until we passed out, and there was A LOT of water coming down.  Apparently, the last time they had gone, it was just kind of a trickle.  He immediately did a little maneuvering into the parking lot, and we hiked up the side of the mountain to the bridge/viewing area.  It was so pretty, and well worth the walk.  Pictures to come (maybe on my next post).  We then continued driving up into the mountains, getting to a point where there was still snow on the ground.  To my uncle's credit, we did stop several more times at lookout points, some of which looked down into the valley we had come from, and some looked up over into the taller mountains further out.  It was an amazing day with amazing views, and I spent most of the drive with my arm and my head out the window, enjoying the beautiful day and the nice breeze. 
 Today, we spent the morning putting up the shed we had purchased, and now we are just enjoying a nice, relaxing afternoon at the cabin.  Just spoke with my mom and she is finally on her way, will arrive sometime tomorrow, depending on if/when she stops for the night.  

And she's bringing my Prius.  Oh, how I have missed my Prius.  She has been in the hands of one of my good friends since I left on the AT.  She drove it back to Texas from VA for me, and has been driving it while she has been working on getting a new car, and I've missed my little Prius.  Definitely looking forward to having a fuel efficient vehicle again, because, let me tell you, my dad's truck might not be an F350, but it sure eats gas!!!!

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