Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Man Called Norman....

Vanna Bonta

Wood stork in FL
I wrote a Facebook post about not judging today.  Basically, I have been very judgmental of the whole Obama/Bergdahl issue, and realized that I don't get to be.  There are lots of factors that we don't know, and a lot of things going on, and so I don't get to judge that.  I also realized that I needed to pray.  Not that I don't pray for our president, but specifically on this, and Bergdahl as well.  Because Obama literally has the weight of a possible 9/11 attack on his shoulders with the release of these prisoners, and he still chose to save the one.  And, yes, he has to live with the possible bad outcome of that decision, but it also reminded me that each person is precious.  And Bergdahl has to live with the fact that 6 people died looking for him.  Nevermind any of the other factors, he has to live with that for the rest of his life.  And so I pray for him.  And all of a sudden, I was reminded of an old "Focus on the Family" radio broadcast called "A Man Called Norman".  Listen to that one, and then the 3 more that go with it (about 1/2 hour long, total).  Completely worth it.  

Anyways, back in Texas again.  The drive home was relatively uneventful, except for the tire that kept going flat.  It ended up just being a nail in the tire, which was easily fixed, and gave me an excuse to get the car checked out in general before we head out again, so it worked out well.  Once again, I'm hauling and burning wood when I'm not mowing the 10 acres at my mom's house.  It's a never ending job, which reminds me that I don't think I ever want to have over 10 acres, unless I'm running a horse business, which is always a possibility.  

Haven't done a whole lot else since being back, but the past couple of days have been interesting.  My aunt and uncle were visiting from AZ while we were in CO, and were supposed to fly out on Monday.  I get a call Monday afternoon, asking if I could drive them to DFW on Tuesday.  Of course, no problem.  So, they came over to spend the house, and for the first time in recent history, I heard about a really crazy experience with an airline that had nothing to do with Delta.  In fact, it happened with American, which is one I regularly fly without issues, though not with children, which was the "problem" here (note, the kids are great, not problems, the issue with the flight was that they were flying with kids).  The flight from Waco to Dallas for the layover, was canceled due to really bad weather in Dallas.  So, they were at our house Monday night calling American to change the flights, since they had been unable to handle this at the airport, and had been told that they wouldn't be able to fly out until Wed from Waco, which was unacceptable, as they had to get back to work.  So, he's talking to lady on the phone, and they get scheduled on a flight out of DFW on Tuesday.  My uncle is looking at the flight online, and there are not many empty seats, but there is a group of 3 seats together, and with 2 young kids, he asked to be placed in those seats.  The lady refused.  He asked to speak to a supervisor, who still refused this simple request.  Said he had to go to the airport to get assigned seats.  The airport that is 2 hours away.  On an already getting full flight.  Accused my uncle of yelling at him.  I could hear both sides of the conversation, and he was not yelling.  His response, though, was obvious, "I'm not yelling yet.  If you want me to yell, I'll be happy to oblige."  Aw, well.  The supervisor was not helpful, and refused to escalate the call any further, so my uncle decided to rent a car.  Tuesday morning, though, the decision was made to fly anyways, so they rebooked the ticket with a much nicer person, and we hit the road to DFW.  We were able to get there in time to have lunch before they left, and even though the older child and I almost got lost trying to find everyone else in the airport, they all safely boarded the plane and headed home.  They got the 3 seats together in the end, thankfully.  We stopped at the airport before going to lunch, so they could get checked in and get the right seats, and that worked.

After getting them all situated, I was able to meet up with one of my friends for drinks and appetizers.  We hadn't seen each other or got caught up in a while, so it was good to see her.

Bought (with frequent flyer miles) a ticket to Alaska.  I'll get to see one of my other friends.  We'll head over to Denali, which I didn't get to see last time, and spend some time in a cabin on the river, and just generally get to have an adventure.  Still trying to work out tickets to Hawaii, we'll see....

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