Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life in Kentucky....

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,

Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey

Life in Kentucky moves at a much slower pace.  We got here Sunday evening, and it is now Thursday afternoon.  All that I have accomplished is going to the store (a bit of a trek) and 4 wheeling in the mountains.  Not that 4 wheeling in the mountains is a minor thing.  Because we are in the mountains, literally, in the middle of the Appalachians.  And, this is the Appalachia that you think of.  Small houses, tucked into the mountainside, some of which you can't imagine people living in.  Lots of trailers, dogs roaming around all over the place.  But, just beyond my dad's house (which is not a wreck) is a trail going up the mountain for the oil people to drive on.  Thankfully, it also makes for great 4 wheeling, and my dad has 2.  So, the last 2 days, Miss Lucy and I have been playing in the mountains.  I renamed some of the areas.  I found Butterfly Mountain and Tadpole Pond.  The first day out, my dad rode with us, and pointed out various plants and things along the way.  There's been a lot of rain lately, so there were many large puddles.  As we passed these, he pointed out long "strings" in the water.  "Those are frog eggs".  It was really neat, literally long strings, some several feet long if you stretched them out, full of eggs.  Then, on the way back down the mountain, we saw 2 frogs as they were actually laying the eggs.  A long time ago, I had read about frogs reproducing by laying eggs, and them being fertilized as they were laid, but I had forgotten that, and it was neat to see it in action now.  Today, while Miss Lucy and I were out on a different trail, there was a very large (small pond sized) puddle on the side of the trail, and hanging from the branches were very large, swollen strings that would soon turn into tadpoles that would join the many that were already in the puddle.  And, on the way up and down the mountain, beautiful black butterflies with varying shades of blue on the edges, fluttered all around the 4 wheeler, and in the flowers and trees along the trail.  The blues were beautiful and vibrant, ranging from a gorgeous turqouise up to a dark blue.

Have I mentioned lately that Miss Lucy is the best dog ever?  I don't think so, so just putting it out there.  She loves running the trails in the mountains, and stays right with  me.  Then she crashes on the floor in the living room and sleeps for hours.  She's so easy to care for, and everything about her is perfect for me and my life.  And, I just found out that the AKC has a "Canine partner" registration, which allows you to register your "All American Dog" (aka Mutt), so that you can compete in AKC events, such as agility, which is something I wanted to try with Miss Lucy.  This will also allow her to get her CGC (Canine Good Citizen), and do a couple of other programs if we want. I'm kind of excited, and it makes me excited about when we get home.

Speaking of....have I mentioned how much I miss home?  I mean, we just left there on Sunday, but still....I miss having my own kitchen, with all my spices and things, and being able to cook whatever/whenever.  I miss my garden, and keep seeing things I want to put in it.  Also, seeing all the birds at my landlords, and all the butterflies up here, I want to put up some more birdfeeders and plant that shady flower garden on the side of the barn that I've been meaning to do.  Almost halfway through the year (kind of), and I'm definitely ready for when we get home.

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