Friday, April 4, 2014

We almost made it....Why I Hate Delta number 345, wait 562, no...893....I think I lost count...

I don't like waiting in airports for my bags. Even worse, I don't like waiting in airports when my bags are lost.
Steve Waugh

Ok, Miss Lucy just cracked me up.  I put her food and water bowls next to each other.  She wasn't that impressed with the food I bought her, apparently, and wanted to try it softer, so she started pulling the water bowl over to slosh it onto the food.  I did help her out.  One thing I've noticed about her, is that she has a licking fetish.  But, she can control it unless she's stressed, in which case, she will lick any part of you that she can reach.  So, she's very friendly and sociable, but also insecure, so that's something we will be working on.

One thing I worked on with Lucy prior to today's flight, was getting into the crate.  She was not excited about this at first, but became a little more comfortable with it as we went on.  This made getting in the crate at the airport, with a million other things going on, so much easier, because I had taught her the command "Get in crate."  Probably won't be something we will ever use again, but it came in handy today.  We woke up VERY early this morning and headed to the airport.  Got there in plenty of time, didn't have any trouble getting Lucy checked in (or me, for that matter), made it through security, and my first flight was on time.  So far, I was happy.  That doesn't normally happen with Delta.  At the gate, I was in the last group to board, and they said the overhead compartments were full, so would have to check my larger bag.  This was only concerning, because it meant taking out my laptop and carrying it around by itself, which was slightly awkward.  But, still, a minor thing, so still happy.  Oh, and there was room in the overhead compartments.  Once on the first plane, they brought me a slip to prove that Lucy was on my plane.  I got to watch them unload her while waiting to get off the plane at the layover, and since the next plane was just around the corner, I figured there would not be an issue.  However, I did get concerned when I did not receive a slip on the second plane, so was glad to see them unload her at our final destination.  Went down to baggage claim.  It took them half an hour to start running the luggage, but my bag was one of the first ones off.  Got the leash out, and looked around for Miss Lucy.  No Miss Lucy.  Went to Baggage Services....She should be down any time, just wait over by Oversize Baggage.  I'm not going to walk through what happened next step by step, but let's just say that 45 min later (well over an hour after arriving at Baggage Claim), they finally FOUND my dog (yes, they had LOST her).  I was mad, frustrated, and shaking, and then, my taxi guy cancelled on me that I had set up.  Luckily, we were able to grab another taxi (costing a bit more), and then made it down to get my car, which looks amazing.

I do have more stories from the airport (nothing to do with Delta), and a few other things, but I'll get to those on another day.  The good news for today is Miss Lucy, my car, and I are all together in CA and continuing the journey.

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