Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time keeps slipping, slipping away.....

George Bernard Shaw

8 days.  That's how long it's been since I last posted.  Time alternately drags and flies when I'm in Texas, and right now, it's flying.  Which is great, because I leave out to CA again a week from today, and last I heard from the body shop, the repairs were done, my car is just getting painted, and they are on schedule for it to be done on Tuesday.  I'm debating seeing how much it would cost to change my flight, but there is one other thing that would be dependent on.  Sheila.  I wasn't planning on getting another dog, especially not right away.  But, it kept coming back into my head.  And, it really would be good to have a dog with me on the trail.  So, I looked at Petfinder, thinking that would help get me over that idea.  But, I saw several possibilities, and they were all at Fuzzy Friends.  Yesterday, we went to visit on a whim.  And, there was Sheila.  She wasn't even one of the dogs I had been looking at.  But, when they went to get her out of the pen, the first thing she did was turn to me and, literally, jump into my arms.  My dogs have always chosen me, and she seemed to be continuing the tradition.  So, I filled out the application, and am waiting to hear if it has been approved.  If not, I don't think I'll get another dog now.  Might look at it again at the end of the year, when I'm ready to head back home and settle down.  But, if it was meant to be, Sheila may be flying back to CA with me to continue the adventure together.  And for some reason, that idea really makes me happy.

Back to the car.  I finally talked to my insurance adjustor.  We had been playing phone tag, and I had ended up talking to one or two of the others, but she got a hold of me yesterday.  She had just then finally talked to the other driver, who, when I had talked to his insurance company four days after the accident, hadn't even notified them of the accident.  No surprise that he didn't return my agent's calls right away.  We went over my story vs his story again and looked at where the accident happened on Street View of Google maps.  Thank God for Google maps.  After all this, she said, "There is no way this was your fault!"  DUH!  That's what I've been saying since it happened.  So, they are waving my deductible, and when she asked if I wanted the check sent to me or to the repair shop, I explained the whole story behind the Grand Adventure, and that my mail gets delivered to VA, where I usually live, but that the accident happened in AZ, the car was in CA, and I had flown back to TX.  She laughed, and said she would send it to the shop, and then looked at where they had sent the previous check for repairs (minus the deductible), and they had actually sent it to me.  She canceled that, and sent the check for the full amount to the shop.  She tried to contact Geico, the other guy's insurance company to let them know that they were holding him responsible, but was unable to reach them right away, so she left a message.  If they still refuse to take responsibility, it will go to arbitration, and she will have pictures and recorded statements, along with the police report, on her side, which means that Geico SHOULD end up covering my plane fare and related expenses.  Which would be nice, especially if I'm now going to be paying for Sheila to come with (that would be my expense, not theirs).

Not a whole lot else has been going on.  I've been able to get a lot more work done on my mom's yard, clearing out huge logs, and burning the wood pile we built from that.   Doing more square dancing, and have been offered to do some calling, but so far have declined.  I'm hoping that when I'm back at the end of the year, I will be more prepared, and will do more then.

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