Monday, March 31, 2014

Miss Lucy and why I hate Delta, part 398

"Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world had its own special sunset and it was worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down." - Ryu Murakami

This is Miss Lucy, formerly known as Sheila, formerly at Fuzzy Friends Rescue in Waco, TX.  We are slowly getting to know each other, and she is getting used to being around my mom's two big black labs (BIG, like twice the weight of Lucy).  In fact, today, I caught her playing with one of them.  It was cute, because he was totally letting her win, but they both seemed to be having a blast.  The other one is jealous of Miss Lucy, and if she lands on top of her while jumping up to be petted, gets growled at, but they all settle down quickly.  She hates baths, but doesn't mind wading in the kiddie pool we have out back for the dogs.  It will be interesting to see what she does with the pond when we finally get back home.  She still has not gotten used to Miss Kitty (a mostly inside only cat), and throws a fit through the door when Miss Kitty taunts her by standing a couple of feet just inside the door and sitting and staring at her.  She is a pretty cool dog.  Just like most of my dogs, she is a mama's girl, which means that I can let her off leash, and she stays with me.  She is MUCH more social and friendly than any other dog I've had before, but I did that on purpose.  I was ready to have a dog that enjoyed being around people.  She's already made friends at the local hiking trails and at Petsmart.

 I think we finally have everything but the final taxi ride from LAX to San Clemente figured out on my return journey.  Got an email from my repair shop that my car would be ready tomorrow afternoon, which is great.  I am definitely looking forward to being on the road again, though it will be an interesting adjustment period having a dog with me.  I did get a lot of pictures posted during this stay at:

And, then I had to deal with Delta again......I haven't mentioned lately how much I hate them, right?  Everything's a battle.  I called to tell them I would be bringing a dog back.  Thankfully, that conversation went fairly smoothly.  Then, I called to see what the requirements were on the food/water bowls for the crate, because I wasn't getting it from their website.  That took a few minutes, but still......THEN.....I called today to find out about getting the "Live Animal" stickers for the crate, because they no longer include those when you buy the crate.  It seemed from the Delta website, you would just be able to get them when you checked in, but, knowing the issues I have with Delta, I called, just to make sure.  Talked to someone in reservations (same area I had previously talked to about bringing my dog).  "We don't handle that, you need to call Delta Cargo."  She's not flying Cargo, she's flying as "luggage" (these are 2 separate things, shipping cargo is for when you are not flying at the same time).  "Doesn't matter, you need to speak with cargo.  Here's the number."  Doesn't bother to try and connect me.  Whatever.  Called Cargo.  Explained the situation for a second time.  This is REALLY not a hard question, should take 2 seconds to find out the answer.  "Sorry, you have the wrong cargo department, you need to speak to the pet cargo dept."  Really?  You can't just answer my question?  "No."  This is why I hate Delta.  "I'm sorry, but you'll have to speak to the other dept.  "Ok."  Transfer.  Other dept picks up.  Explain the situation for the fourth time.  "You can get those here at the cargo area when you arrive."  I'm not GOING to the cargo area, I'm flying.  I'm just going to the ticket counter, I want to make sure that they have the stickers at the ticket counter, and that I don't need to try and figure something else out in the meantime (aka the barely over 2 days before I get on the plane with my dog at a horrible hour of the morning when no stores will be open).  "Well, in that case, you shouldn't be talking to Cargo, you need to talk to Reservations."  Seriously???  Are you kidding me???  That's where I started all this.  Can you not just find out the answer to my question?  "No, I will need to transfer you to Reservations."  This is why I hate Delta.  This is why I do not fly Delta, this is why I hate talking to anyone from Delta.  "I'm sorry, but you will still need to talk to reservations."  Whatever.  Transfer again.  "This is Roger, how can I help you?"  Roger, please, I'm just trying to find a simple answer to a simple question, but you are now the fourth person I've spoken to, and I really could use your help.  "Let me see what I can do to help you."  Thank you.  Repeat (for the fourth time,  not counting the times I've had to repeat myself to the previous people, because they weren't listening the first time I told them EXACTLY what I was trying to do) my mission.  "Please hold while I get that information from you."  30 seconds later, the answer was yes.  I thanked Roger and ended the call.  This is why I hate Delta.  Their people are the most uneducated (regarding how to help people, do not consider this unintelligent) people with VERY poor ideas on even where to begin on customer service/retention.   Their flights constantly get canceled.  This will really, truly, be the last time I fly Delta.  You can read a couple posts down about my trip over here and my experience with Delta then (a mixed bag), which has a link to the LAST time I posted about Delta, which was when they completely screwed me over on a flight to the Standing Rock reservation in SD.  But, there was one other time since then that I flew with them (did NOT mean to) in between, and since I never posted about my trip to Abu Dhabi (amazing, btw), here's that story.  I was looking at flights to Abu Dhabi, different days, different flight options, different layovers, etc.  Finally decided to take a flight through Amsterdam (love their airport, btw) on KLM.  Forgive my ignorance, it's been a while since I've flown internationally, so I did not realize that this was a company run by Delta.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........Several weeks before I left,  I was able to pick my seats.  Of course, I chose all window seats.  I ALWAYS choose a window seat.  I couldn't imagine NOT having a window seat on an international flight.  Fast forward to the day of departure.  I'm looking at my ticket, and saying, "This is not a window seat."  No, we are out of window seats.  "Well, I booked my window seats several weeks ago."  We show that you chose middle seats.......Ok.  This was an out and out LIE.  I double and triple checked the seats I booked.  And, if they had been out of window seats, I would have chosen an aisle over a middle anyways.   I was beyond irate and frustrated.  I had just spent how much money on tickets, only to have my choices ignored?????  They were able to switch my seat from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi, but they were not able to change my seat from IAD to Amsterdam.  When I got on the plane, I was eventually able to switch with someone, but that moved me to the BACK of the plane.  Which, I had no idea, was the "family" area, and so I was surrounded by screaming children.  So frustrating.  Ridiculous.  Annoying.  And, I hate dealing with liars, and a company without any ethics.  So, no more Delta.  EVER..........

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