Monday, February 24, 2014

Music again....

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” 
― Victor Hugo

I have been meaning to say thanks to a few people since I started this, and I'm sorry it's taken this long, so....
I would like to thank all my friend and landlord, who is allowing me to rent out my place for a year and then come back, and took amazing care of Zoey during her last days, and continues to watch my pony for me.  All the bosses and fellow coworkers at my work, who fully supported and encouraged my decision to take a sabbatical, and are waiting for me to come back.  To my friend, Gail, for taking care of my mail.   For my sweet friend, Debby, for all the encouragement and being my "just in case" person, who was also more than willing to help with anything else, if I asked. To all my friends and family who believed in me enough to not say, "You can't do that."  To the people I meet now who find me an inspiration (and a source of jealousy!).  Thank you all, and I can't wait to see you all again in January.  Just as a side note, another reason I can say that I'm a true Virginian now, I no longer use the term "ya'll".  :-)  (only partially kidding)

And, we're back to music again.  Growing up, music was all about hearing a good song (whatever that meant) that we could sing or pretend to dance to.  That has definitely changed over the years.  It became a way to express my thoughts and emotions to others, to God, and even to myself.  It has helped me celebrate, helped me grieve, and helped me find a way to get through the really tough times.  Playing music today on Itunes, I was struck by how some songs always correlate with a certain thing for me, either personally, or with an event on a TV show.  How He Loves (David Crowder)?  Peace in times of death....many, many deaths.  Luck be a Lady (Frank Sinatra)?  Mrs Doubtfire, of course.  Funny Valentine (also Frank Sinatra)?  Richard Webber on Grey's Anatomy, singing to his wife.  And, the most memorable and poignant, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole aka Iz)? Will forever and always belong to Dr. Green's death on the TV show ER.  And, yes, watching it still makes me cry.....I am that person.  And, yes, I went through a Sinatra phase (and still enjoy his music).

And now, having gone down memory lane (and sat through several tear jerkers on Youtube...), I would like to put in a plug for Cameron Park Zoo, in Waco, TX.  The reason my season pass to zoos/aquariums is through Cameron Park, and not through a zoo more local to where I live, is because I will fully support this zoo any way I can.  For a small town zoo, they have done an excellent job of providing a variety of animals, even with working within a small area.  The enclosures are well done, the animals are well loved and cared for, and there are lots of "extras" (a pavilion for events, a great play area for kids, a slide that goes through the otters' water area, etc).  I do have to say, that they need to look at how other zoos manage their otters, because at least 75% of the time I go, they are off exhibit, due to the otters' destruction of some of the habitat.  I've never seen another zoo have this problem.  Every time I go, though, I feel like there is something new to see, or some way that they have enhanced the exhibits.  And a season pass is VERY reasonable.  So, if you haven't been yet, go.  And if you live in the area, splurge and get the season pass.  It benefits you and the zoo (don't forget all the free other aquariums/zoos you can visit with it!).  And, if you're going to the zoo, you might as well drive down the road a little further to Cameron Park itself, with miles of hiking/biking trails, through woods and up and down hills, running near the Brazos River.  There are several play areas there, and a small water splash zone.  Great place for the family to spend the day.  Or, to go on some training hikes for the AT.  :-)

Until next time....

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