Thursday, January 23, 2014

Say something, I'm giving up on you.....

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time in the Low Country of South Carolina.  There are a lot of wildlife refuges there, and I spent several hours first thing in the morning at Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge, walking the trails.  I can just imagine what it would be like in the spring, with the butterfly garden in full bloom and the birds that had gone even further south for the winter, back.  But, it was beautiful in all of it's winter hush and brown.  The picture above is of a wild ibis.  I have been enamored with the ibis, especially the scarlet version, ever since in school we read the story, The Scarlet Ibis.  It's a short story, and if you haven't read t before, you should read it.  What's funny is, I'm never sure we actually read that story for class.  Being the smart, bookworm that I was, I always got bored in class, and since we had to have our books open for whatever we were working on, would read other stories, and I think this is one of those.  The other thing about being in the Low Country is that it reminded me of Pat Conroy's books, specfically of Beach Music, which is one of my favorites.  I wish I had it with me, but only a few books could make the trip, and for some reason it didn't.  

In my post yesterday, I talked about the interesting things you hear on the radio.  When I was in Canada in 2010, during a 2 week road trip across Canada and back across the US, I fell in love with the song, Waving Flag, by K'naan.  The last few days, I keep hearing the song, "Say Something, I'm Giving up on You", and the lyric/sounds are so haunting, that it plays in my head.  Then, this morning, I saw the music video for it and about died.  It reminded me (though it's really not that similar) of the video for Rascal Flatts, "Here Comes Goodbye".

Today, wandering around some more wildlife refuges, and slowly making my way to Myrtle Beach for square dance convention tomorrow.

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