Thursday, January 30, 2014

More dancing and animals (both wild and at home)...

"You know, most people don't have the luxury of just picking up and leaving it all behind, Daniel." "Well, I'm not most people,.  If I don't have your blessing, that's fine, but don't judge this; don't judge me."  "My life here might not seem like much to you, but it's the life I choose." "You don't choose a life, Dad, you live one" - from the movie "The Way"

First things first, do not panic at the picture, Zoey is hanging in at the moment, see further down for update and more information on the picture

You know, there were a few more things I thought would be interesting to see after yesterday's adventures (yes, I'll get to those in a minute!  Hold your horses, or better yet, hold mine and give her a hug since I miss her incredibly today): Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa Bay Downs (horse racing area), and the Wat Mongkolrata Temple, since a friend recently traveled to Thailand, and I miss it.  And then, I woke up this morning, and it's not really cold, but still raining, making for a tough picture/walking day, and since all these places would involve those things, I decided it was a good day to stay at the hotel, watch the movie "The Way" again (best random movie find EVER), pack/rearrange car for cruise, and just generally have a nice, relaxing day.  Tonight, I'm square dancing again at the Winter Festival, and will dance again tomorrow before going to pick up my mom at the airport and preparing to head out for cruise on Saturday.  Oh, and do laundry, of course.  And then, watching "The Way" brings up the fact that I still want to walk to the Camino de Santiago, but tickets to Madrid are a little out of my price range.  Anyone want to sponsor the trip?  :-)

Yesterday started as a rainy, dreary day in the most southern part of Georgia.  No, really, like 5 miles over the FL border.  Headed down the road on a 4 hour drive to Tampa area.  Well, first to Sarasota for the Mote Aquarium.  But, on the way, I saw a sign for a Manatee viewing area, so, of course, had to stop.  It was amazing.  There were probably 100+ manatees in this cove, along with some herons and pelicans.  The setting was not that pretty, since it was right next to a power plant, but still an amazing sight.  From there, I, once again using my year long zoo pass, went to the Mote Aquarium.  This is not a large aquarium, but the exhibits are interesting, and it is also a working laboratory and education center, so there is a lot more detailed information and behind the scenes things at this facility than most others.  After I left there, I planned on going to the Ringling Museum, but it seemed to mostly be an art exhibit, and it had started raining harder, and I was tired, so went ahead and headed back towards town.  Except, my GPS pointed out that a Wyland gallery was nearby, and I have always loved his work.  They are having a really good special right now, with most of his paintings at 50% off, with a free lithograph thrown in.  Wyland, himself, will actually be at the opening of their new gallery in Ft. Lauderdale next weekend, so if you're in the area, stop by!  While I was in the gallery, I saw the painting above.  Thankfully, it was in a corner, because I started crying and had to take a second to pull myself together.  It reminded me of all the animals I've lost over the years, and with Zoey not doing well, it brought that closer to home as well.  To me the painting also says that all the animals that have gone before help you to find, and maybe are a little part of, the next creature that walks into your life.

And, Zoey (my dog)....
She's being well loved and cared for by my friends back in VA, but it may not be enough.  They said when she's up and moving around, she's doing well, but that she is sleeping most of the day, and has been for about a week, which is just not a good sign.  She is still eating and drinking, though.  So, basically, she's holding steady, but I would like to see some improvement at this point.  The vet said to give it 2 weeks, though, so, we'll see.  Again, lots of prayers/good thoughts/etc her way, please.

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