Friday, January 24, 2014


“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.”  - Jodi Picoult

I don't have any picture prepared for today.  Have not gone through any of the previous ones, and did not take any new ones.  I'm settled into a hotel on the beach for the next 2 days for the SC square dance convention.  It feels different than other conventions, probably because I know so few people at it, and people here are more reluctant to dance with girls as guys, and there are not enough guys to go around.  Though, being a good dancer has its advantages in that regard, as you are more likely to get asked.  However, this afternoon, as I had spread all my things out around the hotel room, and made it more homely,  I realized that I was homesick.  And, all I wanted at that point, was to pack everything up, throw it back in the car, and head back home.  Now, that's not possible on many different levels, and not REALLY what I want, anyways, it's just what I want right now.  To go home.  Not that that's a new feeling, even when I am home.  Because, you see, to me, heaven is my home.  And I understand that in a way that I have found few people really think of it as.  Charlottesville, the area, the people, the places I've worked, the things I've done there, the things I've seen, are as close to a home here that I have ever found.  But, some days, it's still not enough.  And, on those days, my heart is just literally sick.  Rich Mullins, the singer/songwriter, understood that.  Mercy Me (singing group), also catches it here and there in their lyrics (think I Can Only Imagine and Homesick), and if you read through lyrics from either one, you see what that longing for the final home looks like.  But, at the moment, I just miss Charlottesville, and all that it is.  The first few days on the road here were rough, just adapting to what life on the road looked like, and settling into a routine.  But, worked through that, and now the daily routine is just that, routine.  The places change, the people change, but underneath everything's the same.  This will pass.....

And then, I got a text that my dog is not doing well since I've left.  They are taking her to the vet, so prayers/good thoughts/whatever you've got, that all will be well on that front.

On Sunday, I head out and towards FL for the cruise.

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