Friday, January 18, 2013

Texas, Part 2...

Part 2?  Was there a Part 1?  Well, blog, actually there was, you just missed it.  :-)  You see, the Friday before Christmas, I got "family-sick".  I refuse to say homesick, because Texas is not my home.  I missed my family and had not seen them for a while.  And, though I had sworn I would not come down to visit until they had come up to see me, it could not be helped, so on a Friday morning at work, I coordinated getting a Christmas eve shift covered, switched my Friday afternoon shift so I could leave a little early, ran home, packed a bag, grabbed my dog, and took off for Texas.  Yes, that's how I roll.

So, part of the fun was not telling just about anyone I was coming.  I did have to coordinate with  one of my friend's who was going out of town so that we could meet for brunch as I was coming in and she was leaving, but no one else knew.  After driving all night, we met at IHOP, and then I went to find my other friend in the area.  I had called her the day before to see what she was doing that day, and she had said she had no plans, but she was not at her house.  Turns out she was out shopping.  Tracked her down at the grocery store, and just started walking beside her holding a conversation as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  It was awesome.  :-)  I love surprising people.  Then, it was down to Central Texas to meet my mom and sister, who I thought might be out shopping rather than at home, so as I got closer to the city, called to see where they were at.  They were at the mall, and I was trying to pinpoint where they were going next, and my sister asked, "Why does she want to know where we're going?" and my mom said, "So she can meet us there."  She had no idea, she was just kidding, didn't have a clue she was right!

More to come....

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  1. LOL, that was funny. Mother's instinct. I did the same thing surprising my wife just asking where she is but not totally the exact location. I just have to think like she was so I could have a good guess on where she is going. And it works. For me there's a certain pattern on how she thinks, or, I just know her so well.