Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The best laid plans....AKA why I do not fly Delta.....

Well, life has had its moments, between working, traveling, Pampered Chef, square dancing, etc.  I made it to South Dakota, where I sit in a room above the casino right now, preparing to get up and go for our 3rd day "on the res", and a day I have definitely been looking forward to as I get to spend the afternoon doing home visits with the reservation nurse.
I had an excellent Pampered Chef party Friday night, a lot of neat ladies, and there were a lot of people, which makes it even more fun!  Got home, cleaned house, finished packing, etc, and all of a sudden it was 3am.  Needed to be leaving the house by 4.  Slept for about 45 min, threw everything in the car, walked the dogs, and off I went to the airport.  Parked, took the shuttle in, and tried to check in at the kiosk.  But, my passport, being old and well used, never scans.  So I got in line to check in.  A lady tried to help me by taking my passport and attempting to scan it for me.  Still didn't work, and she says, "It's too late for you to check in."  Now, normally I wouldn't be that concerned, just hop the next flight, but I have a team waiting for me.  I looked at my clock: 5:23am. A little less than half an hour before my flight.  When I had gotten there, it was before 5:20, and the sign clearly states at the line "Be here half an hour before your flight."  I wouldn't have cared so much, except what happened next.  I've made it in less time before.  It took an hour to get up to the front of the line, and there were less than 10 people in front of me.  The baggage check in line wasn't much shorter, or going much faster.  When I get up to the front, they said, "There's a flight at 4:10, but you have to call 3 hours ahead of time and see if there are any empty seats."  They refused to just put me on the flight.  Mind you, this was originally a group reservation with 30 people traveling, so we spent a lot of money on tickets through them.  Whatever.  I went to my car and caught a few extra hours sleep before getting lunch and then calling again.  Same story: no seats, no more flights today.  I had to ask them to check other routes to get where I was going, they didn't just offer it.  There was a 7:30, but there was only 1 seat left and it would probably be gone before the 3 hours.  At this point, I was tired, frustrated, beyond irate.  I fly fairly regularly, and have never had issues like I have had with Delta.  Not just on this day, but on previous flights.  Which is why, even though I normally find the cheapest tickets I can, I no longer buy those tickets if they are on Delta.  And, they told me, "We would be fixing it if it was our fault, but you were late."  Which is not true on both counts.  I have had problems before when it was their fault, and have gotten just as bad customer service.
So, I left.  There was no telling if/when I would get a flight.  Thought through my choices, and decided to drive.  Which actually worked out well.  Got to watch the morning mist over the mountains of West Virginia, see lots of raptors, pretty pheasants, prairie dogs, etc.  And, when I was at my wit's end (and completely exhausted) after hitting the Iowa/MN border, I got to stop in and see my best friend's family.  Got a shower and a good night's sleep, plus had an excellent dinner and good conversation before heading out again the next day.
More from SD later....

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