Friday, August 10, 2012

Delta, Pt 2..

So, I sent most of my last post to Delta, and guess what they sent me?  A $50 voucher.  Which, of course, makes up for the 2 day drive out, the 2 day drive back, and the $600+ in lost airfare.  And, apparently, the didn't read the part where I said that I would nEVER fly them to love it....

Even better, I read their first letter to me, which had arrived before the voucher.  It starts out, "Dear Mr. Hallock".  It just went downhill from there.  My other favorite part was where they said, "In the event a flight has departed, our team members should assist passengers in rescheduling their travel on the next available flight."  Well, obviously THAT didn't happen, otherwise, we wouldn't be having this discussion!!!!

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