Monday, March 12, 2012

New Orleans, Day 2

Well, good morning from the balcony of our Bed and Breakfast in the Garden District! We had a beautiful day here yesterday, bright and sunny most of the day with some light cloud cover and a cool evening. Yesterday (and today) we got started a little slowly, and by the time we dawdled (mostly due to my picture taking) over to the trolley and then to the French Quarter, it was time to grab some lunch. Pat O's was on our list of things to do, so we headed over there for some good food. Our waiter was James, and he was awesome. A very refreshing change after the day before's trip to NOLA. Bambi and I each had a hurricane, and it was jambalaya all around. Oh my goodness, it was AMAZING!!! Great suggestion from Carrie! We then headed out for a wandering around the French Quarter some more. We headed back to this neat mask shop we found the day before and Carrie bought a panda mask: . I, on the other hand, fell in love with a turqouise cowboy hat that had a boa on it. Loved it, but way too expensive, and would probably only wear it once or twice in relation to St. Baldrick's. We also spent some time looking in the many cute shops in the Quarter before hopping on the very full trolley and heading back to the Garden District. We quickly jumped into the car for the drive over to Slidell for a swamp tour. I love the swamp tours (Cajun Encounters), though this round was a little disappointing when we had about half an hour taken off because the hotel pick up bus was late and then some women couldn't hold their beer so we had to rush back. I think maybe it's better to go earlier in the day. But, we did get to see some fun alligators, and a great blue heron. Afterwards, Bambi and I were dropped off down at Jackson Square to meet up for the vampire tour. We both were hungry, so we stopped by the Market Cafe (just outside of the French Market) for a quick po' boy. They messed up our order, and it took longer than it should have, and then added a tip automatically to our to go order. Not a place we will be returning!
The vampire tour has also been a favorite of Bambi and mine in the past. We do the Haunted History tour, and prefer "Tony" as our guide. He does an amazing job, is a great storyteller, and has lots of stories to tell, though we did notice he didn't tell as many this time as he did last time. It's a lot of fun, and you get a lot of New Orleans history.
Today is a more laid back day, nothing major planned. One thing I'm learning, though, as I return to places I love, is to pick out one or two things I've done in the past that I know I really want to do again, and then do all new things other than that. Otherwise, my whole trip gets crammed with things I've done before!

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