Tuesday, March 6, 2012

God Moments

Little things this week....A person I took care of at work a while back had a serious health problem, and got transferred to another hospital, and I didn't know what happened to them after that. I picked up 4 hours at work, and ran into a family member, and got to hear the follow-up story, which was really neat.

The second one was today. I was headed into the farm, and the weather forecast called for snow with no accumulation to start with. Before I left the house it had been changed to 1-3 inches. Still driveable. But it turned out to be a lot more than that, and the road was a mess. Cars off the road all over the place. Almost lost control a couple of times myself, but was able to regain control. Thought I might have to stop 2 miles from the farm and walk the rest of the way, because the road might be bad. I was sitting at the intersection, trying to make a decision, and the cars coming the other direction, turn onto the road. The first car? A snow plow! So, I got to drive all the way to the farm, and then enjoy the 10" of snow we got. :-)

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