Thursday, February 9, 2012


Was just reading a blog about someone who had gotten a chihuahua, and oh no!  Guess what?  They don't know what to do!  It barks...and it growls at their little one, and has tried to nip her because she's not always very gentle.  And all I could think was, really?  Seriously?  Did you not do any homework before you got a chihuahua?  Did you not realize that this is part of it?  Because if I'm getting a dog, I learn about the type of dog and if I can deal with that breed's idiosyncrasies.  Anyways, stepping down from my soapbox.

An update on my resolutions (for original, see here):
1) My spending has not been good.  I've spent about $100/2 weeks on groceries alone, which is ridiculous for one person.  So, working on getting that under control.
2) Lost 3 lbs, but realized I'm letting myself get back into unhealthy lifestyle habits, so working on that one again as well.
3) Been exercising 1-2x week.
4) Morgan has gotten ridden once recently.  However, I'm not pushing that too much with weather being what it is.  Once spring hits, I've got to get back to riding regularly.
5) Still spending ridiculously unproductive amounts of time on the computer.  If you guys see me piddling around on facebook all day (randomly posting things to other friend's pages and responding to posts), yell at me!
6) Doing better at getting enough sleep each night, but still not every  night (hence my last post on getting sick).

So, in the interest of getting better at my resolutions, I'm now turning off the computer to go get some exercise before heading to the farm.  See ya'll later!

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