Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recipes and life changes...yet again....

So, I have a LOT of recipes, and a LOT of cookbooks....Sometimes, I get lost in what to cook next, and then I start working my way through a recipe book.  Literally.  Page by page, recipe by recipe.  Within reason, of course.  There are recipes I know I will not like, and I don't make them. If I can change something in it, and make it workable, I do.  The cookbook I'm working through right now is "Blue Ribbon Recipes" which are recipes from State and County Fairs.  Doing breakfasts right now, and had 2 recently that I loved.  One was  French Apple Breakfast Casserole and the second was Bayou Breakfast Casserole. For the Bayou Casserole, I didn't have salami, so put in some chorizo instead, and only used mozzarella cheese where cheese was called for.
And as for life, I'm making some changes, again.....I'm trying not to get so bothered by things, starting with driving.  On the drive to the farm and back (now 5 days a week), it's all 2 lane country roads.  And there are people that like to drive the whole way going 45 mph.  Seriously.  And I would find myself talking to someone on the phone and all too often be yelling at the people in front of me (because that helps, you know!).  But, there was really no reason to be upset.  Let me rephrase that, it wasn't doing any good to be upset, and it was just stressing me out and ruining my morning/afternoon for no good reason.  So, I'm learning to step back, chill out, and just enjoy the drive.  Rarely do I really need to rush to get to work or home, so it's all ok.  By doing this, I have found it affecting other parts of my life, like shopping, and standing in lines, and waiting forever, and still being nice to my checkout person.  Which makes me more relaxed.
And, at home, I'm trying to simplify things.  And actually get things done when I come home from the farm/hospital (since I only have one day a week off now).  So, working through my life...simplifying, making it better, etc.  It's all good.
And, in other Pampered Chef type news, January's reward bonuses for hosting a party include $100 in additional free product for orders received over $500, so let me know when you want to host your party!

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