Wednesday, July 6, 2011


And then, suddenly, I was 2 days out from going to Alaska....with a list of things to do and pack before I leave.  Glad I checked the weather channel, because I didn't realize it was still only 50 degrees during the day there, which means I needed to re-eval my wardrobe choices.  Oh, and did I mention I need to fit everything into 2 carry-ons?  Partly to keep expenses down, and partly because I have 20min. between arriving in Anchorage to catch the flight to Homer.  Not a HUGE deal if I miss it, I would just have to sleep in the airport overnight (wouldn't be the first time), and catch the first flight out in the am.  Spoke with my uncle that I'm meeting up with (along with my mom) yesterday and he says there's a mated pair of bald eagles with an eaglet right across the road from the cabins where they're staying.  

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