Friday, November 12, 2010

Winding Down

And my time in San Diego draws to a close.  It has been an amazing trip.  Yesterday, I went to La Jolla and spent the morning at the ocean.  Walked down the coast a bit and then hopped on a kayak and headed into the ocean.  It was so much fun, and there were sea lions that followed us most of the time.  Came back to the hotel and cleaned up a bit before going out to dinner @ a place called Brian's, which advertised the world's best pancakes.  I was not impressed, but they did have super huge breakfast burrito's, so I got one to eat  this morning, and that was better than the pancakes.  This morning, I decided I wanted to go back and see more of the zoo, so did that and got some great mom/son pics of the pandas, then stopped back at the hotel briefly before heading down to the harbor for a tour.  It was excellent, got some great pictures, saw dolphins and sea lions.  Had a little delay getting back into the harbor, because they were working on the Carnival ship that was docked next to us (the one that caught on fire and lost power in Mexico).  Then wandered down the harbor to the Seaside Village, which is full of cute shops.  Now, I'm packing and getting ready to hop on a plane in the am to head back to VA, with a layover in Texas, where I'll hopefully catch up with some friends and family briefly.

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