Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Equestrian Games and computers and such

Well, my very old and well used computer finally died, and in an effort to spend LESS time on the computer (wasted WAY too much time playing games), I bought a very much dressed down version (think your most basic laptop).  The good news is, the wireless works and they were able to get all the pics and music off my old comp.  The bad news is, I have to figure out the easiest/quickest way to work with keeping my pics and music on my external hard drive, and not automatically save them to the internal.  Oh, well, it will be worth it......

And, in other news, just got back from the World Equestrian Games, which were AMAZING!!!  Watched the dressage and cross country parts of the eventing, and got to hang out with horse people all weekend.  Everyone was so nice, and friendly.  The horses were amazing, and there is nothing more inspiring then to go see people at the top of any game to encourage you to improve yours.  So, I came back home, and told Morgan we were working through her issues whether she wanted to or not, and we made it through!  She's doing much better again, and we've been riding most days, and getting back into our lessons again.  The Baby is also getting worked, though I'm still nervous about getting on him.  He's been doing so much better even on the ground, though.  A friend of mine's daughter wants to ride him, so she's going to come try him out and maybe take some lessons on him, and if he does well, maybe show him.  And maybe she'll give me the courage to get on! The last couple of days, we've been lunging over jumps again, which he hasn't done in a while, and I forgot how much he loves it.  He's so much fun to watch.  He finds all different ways to go over the up to it, stop, and bunny hop over (we're talking a 3.5 foot jump), come at it sideways, or just approach it head on and sail right over. 

So, in the travel news, next month is San Diego (which I've never been to before), and then Dec. is back to NYC (I think that will become my regular Dec trip), and maybe to Texas for Christmas.  Beyond that, no definite plans....

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