Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A trip without pictures...

I know, it's shocking.  But in my defense, it was just a short weekend trip, and I really didn't have time!  So, a friend and I headed down to Lexington (VA this time) for a dressage show to volunteer.  I have been to shows before, but never volunteered, so wasn't really sure what to expect, but we had a BLAST!!!!  And everyone was so nice....Holly Veloso was the volunteer coordinator and she did a superb job, and even managed to keep everyone's names straight.  The food was great, catered from Charlottesville, actually, by Zazu's.  And I got to play just about every role I possibly could.  I started out Saturday morning as a gate keeper, which just means that another volunteered and I "opened" (took a pole out of the ring) the gate in between horses, and closed it as the horse went inside.  The best part was that it allowed me to watch all the rides.  But, my name tag said ring steward, and since I'd never done that, I went and hung out with the ring steward a lot during the classes to learn.  My friend was lucky enough to be playing gate keeper for the Prix St. Georges classes during that time, so she saw some amazing rides.  After a quick lunch, I was launched into ring stewarding.  I think that (or scribing), is my dream job at dressage shows.  I got to have a clipboard, a radio, and was responsible for keeping things moving and making sure everyone was where they should be, when they should be for my ring.  I'm good at such things.  And after the rides, I got to meet all the horses and riders during "bit checks" (and whip checks and spur checks!).  At the end of the day, we were absolutely exhausted, and stopped at a Chinese restaurant for dinner before heading back to the hotel.  We considered going back that evening just to watch the Pas de deux and Grand Prix rides, but decided on a night in and a good night's sleep instead.  Then, it was up early and back to the showgrounds again.  I was on ring steward again, with my friend getting to hang out with me for a while before becoming the runner for my ring, and in the afternoon, we both ran for the championship classes.  And, let me tell you, a runner really does run!  The goal is to get the scores from the judges immediately after each ride and as quickly as possible take it over to the show office.  The best part?  Driving the golf cart, of course!  And then, after a break, one of the scribes (who takes down the judge's scores and comments during the tests) didn't make it back in time, so I got to fill in for a test.  My judge was very understanding when I told her I hadn't done it before and talked me through the whole thing.  But it was really great, getting the judge's view of the ride.  I look forward to much volunteering at shows in my future!

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