Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Dreams (or Adventures) May Come

One of my favorite movies, btw.  Not much adventuring going on here, lately, just a series of unfortunate events. :-)  I did go to Texas at the end of June to see my family for a few days.  And, on the way back, started up with a fever again.  In case it needed repeating, there are few things more miserable than driving cross country with a fever.  Came back home, and was diagnosed with pneumonia and an infection in my leg.  That was the beginning of July.  Still battling the infection.  Then took a spill when I was riding the Baby and he fell to the ground, then spooked himself getting back up, took off bucking, and threw me off.  Next time, I get off when he's on the ground!  This led to bruised ribs, which are just really healing.  And today, sliced my toe up while helping a friend with a lawnmower, and had to get stitched up.  Oh well, no more illnesses/injuries allowed!  Next planned trip is to San Diego in November (tickets already bought!), though I may head back to KY in October for the World Equestrian Games.  I would really like to see the dressage finals and the 3 day cross country portion.  And maybe the end of the jumping, where they choose the top 4 riders (independent of the horses), and they compete against each other on their own horses, then switch mounts, until everybody's competed on everyone else's horse, and they name a winning rider.  Oh, and I purchased a DSLR camera finally!!!! So excited.....great pictures to come!  May have to head up to Bushkill Falls in PA next month to take some pretty pictures/try out my new camera and just get away for a weekend.

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  1. ooh WEG! Go in my stead and take lots of pics!! =)