Thursday, July 22, 2010

Egyptian Event - June 8th - 9th

Every year in Lexington, KY, there is a huge Egyptian Arabian horse show called the Egyptian Event.  Now, considering how many years I spent working on Arab farms, you would think I would have gone to that and Arabian Nationals at least once, but, I have not gone to either one.  Until this year.  Living in VA now, it's only a 6-7 hr drive to Lexington, so I decided to take a 2 day road trip with Zoey (my dog), down to the Event.  We arrived early afternoon on the 8th, and got settled into the tent sites at the Kentucky Horse Park, before heading over to the main event.  It was amazing.  The horses were gorgeous (as always!), and I ran into some of the great people I worked for/with at Arabians, Ltd in Waco, TX.  Including reconnecting with the couple who taught me most of what I know about horse breeding, as well as a lot about living life, who had long since moved up to VA as well.  It was great getting to hang out with a lot of horse people again, and almost made me miss my old life.  Zoey also had an interesting time, since we have been working on a lot of socialization.  She was not so sure about all the people at the show, and huddled next to me for most of it.  She enjoys horses, though.....And then, there was also a hunter/jumper show there that weekend, and I got to take some fun pics of those horses as well.  Which reminded me that I wanted to get into horse/farm photography.  So, I've since put out some feelers, and will be photographing some local farms soon, just for exposure.  I also need to upgrade my camera!  I have been using a little point and shoot Kodak EasyPics camera, but it's time to move up to a DSLR.

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