Thursday, May 13, 2010

April 29th - Toronto Zoo

Spent the day at the Toronto Zoo. It is supposed to be one of the best zoos in Canada. I must say I wasn’t impressed, though it could just be because over ½ the exhibits were not out/were being worked on. The price was high ($30 between parking and entrance), and the maps of the zoo (both paper and posted), were horrible. Having said that, the exhibits themselves were large and spacious, with very few not having any place to get a good picture from. One of my pet peeves at zoos is the kind of fences that it’s very difficult to get a picture through.

I love Toronto’s “interstate” system. They have expressways and collectors. Expressways are like freeways, and every once in a while it intersects with the collector, which is where all the exits are, and does exactly what it’s name says, it “collects” the cars trying to get on and off the freeway, basically eliminating the blockage that causes on American interstates. I also noticed that once I got out of Niagara Falls, there were NO US license plates, which I thought was kind of sad.

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