Wednesday, May 12, 2010

April 28th - on the road again!

Made it to the Niagara Falls border, and almost didn’t make it across. They have these questions they ask you at the border. Basic questions. Your name, what you do for a living, what you’ll be doing in Canada, how long you plan on being there, if you know anyone there. Well, apparently they don’t appreciate people coming in who have no definite plans, timeframe, etc.  Who would have thought. So, if you’re a suspicious person, they pull you over to the side, search your car, and then take you in a building, where you wait in line for them to finish with the people in front of you, and then call you up to the desk, where you answer a whole nother set of questions from a border patrol officer whose job is to be not so nice. They ask you the same questions the first person asked, plus anything else they can think of. I told him I was going on a road trip. He wanted to know how much money (cash) I had with me, and when I told him, he asked why so little. I said I have credit cards. So, he wanted to know whether I had proof of how much I had available on them. No. Then he wanted to know what I did for a living. I said nurse, and he quit after that. So, the moral of this story is, if you are crossing the border the correct answer to any question is: I am a nurse.  j/k. Then, you go sit down, and I guess somebody in the back, or the internet, or something, does a check on you, because the guy who took my information went over and talked to the guy next door about something they were doing after work for at least 15 minutes. He finally called me back up and said it was okay to go. He was much friendlier then. I felt bad for 2 other people there, though. They had been there before I got in there, and were still going round and round with the officers on whether they could get in or not, and had been called up to the desk several times. So, after a long day of driving, I got to Niagara Falls, wandered around there for a couple of hours, then headed up to Toronto. I had forgotten how beautiful the falls were and how much I missed them. I decided to stay in a hotel that night to get a good night’s sleep before heading across Canada. I ended up at the Admiral’s Inn just outside of Toronto. A very nice hotel, with a great rate, a pool, hot breakfast, and had a fridge and microwave in the room. I highly recommend it.

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