Friday, April 23, 2010

Working days....

The last 2 days at work have been great. Rough, but great. Wednesday night I went to work after spending 4 hours in a class for work. It was my first night, and I never sleep my first day, so by 8am the next morning, I've usually been up for close to 24 hours. The evening started out as normal, and then I got a patient in that I spent almost 4 hours straight with trying to fix their problem. The one on one interaction was great. Then, last night, a patient came in who had died and was resuscitated. The family was there, and he was on several drips and things, and I felt more like this was real life and what I meant for my job to be than I had since I got here. Then I had another pt that was on drips after that. I love drips and taking care of critical pt's and their families. Family care is as important as pt care in critical situations. I love the monitoring and the titrating, and feeling like I'm really helping someone who needs it, instead of the usual suspects that just can't get in to see their doctor or are hoping for drugs. Not that all of our patients are like that by any stretch, but the hospital I worked at before, taking care of a critical pt happened at least once a week, usually, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it rarely happens here. And not that I want people to be that sick, but I miss that part of my job. So it was nice to get to have that experience again.

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