Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, March 25th....

Only 1 clinic day left. It's crazy. Had a good day today. Started out once again as a hydration station/antibiotic infusion area. Got take staples out of a guy's arm, played balloons with some kids, held a couple of babies. Skipped out of the clinic a little early and went with the American teams to an orphanage, which was a little sad. It was one known to the area for not being very good, and several were wormy/malnutrition, one had obvious ringworm, and there was a young one running a fever who was obviously dehydrated. When the team asked for some water for him, they were told there was none. Some of the girls pooled the water they had left and gave it to him, and they said he just gulped it down. Hopefully, they'll bring him to clinic tomorrow. The paramedics have really become a part of our team, and are an amazing help. Patrick was our translator today and he did a great job. John Mark (one of the young Haitians) has been helping me with my Creole. I can now count from 1 - 10, tell someone they are free to go, say "I'm sorry" and "I don't know", and ask someone their name and how they're doing. Oh, and tell them "You need to drink." I used that one several times today. One of the main Haitians here, Reuben, gave his testimony today. One of the Americans recorded it, and I will post the link as soon as they get it posted. Grant, our coordinator extraordinaire, lined up an afternoon at the beach for the medical team tomorrow four our last day. We're also trying to arrange a tour of PAP on our way to the airport on Saturday.

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