Monday, April 12, 2010

Boys will be Boys: A Lesson in Herd Dynamics

So, I brought the Baby home from the trainers almost a week ago, and from the minute I put him in the paddock to get readjusted to the other horses, I knew there was going to be an issue. You see, when he left there were just 3 other geldings there. But while he was gone, we added 2 mares to the mix. 2 mares, 2 geldings that weren't gelded till they were over, and then add my Baby who's just been gelded for a couple of months now. One of the geldings was in a pasture by himself due to an injury, but the other gelding was keeping the mares from coming over to see the Baby through the fence, and they were squealing and stomping at each other. I left him in the paddock for a couple of hours to settle down before turning him out. When I finally turned him out, Smoke kept herding up the mares and running them away, but Baby was insistent that he wanted to talk to Morganfee (my new mare). The only problem was, she didn't want to talk to him! So, he was getting bit and kicked by the mares and Smoke (the black gelding). The next day, not much had changed. Baby was mostly off by himself, but you would hear occasional squeals when he would try to get near the mares and Smoke would chase him off. But, when I went out the following day, they had finally paired off. Baby was with Morgan, so the two chestnuts were together, and Smoke was hanging out with Jersey (the little bay pony mare). The only problem was Smoke was so protective of Jersey, he wouldn't even let ME get near her! :-)

But now things have settled down. Baby is slowly getting back into the getting worked routine. I'm spending lots of time with Jersey, getting her tamed down, and riding Morganfee as much as possible. She's absolutely amazing. Willing to do/learn whatever you ask, a very smooth ride.

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