Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, 3/22/2010....

I awoke after a long night's sleep to sunshine, roosters, and horns on the highway behind us. There are very few road rules in Haiti. They basically drive on the same side of the road as in the US, but utilize both sides constantly, and make up their own lanes. And always with the horns. If you're passing somebody, just blow your horn really loud.... :-)The little tap taps are the funniest with their clown car sounding horns, then the big buses roll through, whose horns sound like an 18 wheeler's, and they insist on blowing them almost constantly. We had an amazing first day of clinic. One of the Dr's with us is a pediatric ER doctor, which means that we are doing mostly urgent care and peds cases all day. My 2 favorite things. We started off the day learning how to do x-rays with a C-arm, but quickly moved on to 2 MVCs that came in. The girl had a concussion with multiple abrasions and several gashes on her head, and the guy had actually been run over by a tap tap (a Haitian taxi). The girl was stitched and bandaged. The guy was actually in pretty good shape, aside from bad road rash and a couple of broken ribs. Then we got in a young child whose mom had died in the earthquake, and dad couldn't take care of him anymore and wanted to give him up. Such a sweet little one who was also dehydrated and had some other problems, so we IV'd him, and he eventually got transferred out. Apparently, over 1/2 the kids in the orphanage here actually have parents, or at least family, that couldn't (or wouldn't) take care of them for whatever reason. Some were found abandoned. And Haitians believe that twins are bad karma or voodoo or whatever, so they are rarely kept. Another night of cribbage with three guys from an American work team that joined us today. There were about 30 people, and they are a great bunch. About half are from OK, and half from MN.

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