Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, 3/23/2010, Haiti again...

Another good day in the clinic, started out with 2 very dehydrated hypotensive pts who stayed for quite a while, and then more peds. It's amazing the things we take for granted in the US; the system that is in place. We sent a guy home today to find his own way to another hospital. He had to walk a ways down the road, then catch a tap tap. His pressure had been running 80 -90 all day and his temp dropped for only a couple of hours after tylenol and ibuprofen before climbing again. It was 39 celsius when he left, to walk in the 100+ degree heat index weather to catch a crowded tap tap (you see people hanging off the sides and on top of those things) to take him to Port au Prince. Then there was a baby that we also tried to transfer, whose mom insisted on taking him home. In the US, we would have called security, and if it came down to it, gotten CPS involved. We will probably be seeing that baby again (though hopefully she'll take him directly to the hospital)! Got off a little early today, went and raided the old ward for more supplies. I am extremely grateful for Grant, an EMT, who coordinates transfers and transportation (which can be outrageously frustrating).
With the arrival of the teams yesterday, the house is full. All the upstairs dorms are mostly full, and several girls have joined me in the tents. After they arrived last night, there was much insanity for a while, so I hid in the tent and read a book. But once everything settled down, we had a good time with cribbage, conversation, and a "how to find a vein by feel" inservice.

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