Friday, March 5, 2010

Trip To WI

It was supposed to be easy. Get everything arranged Thurs night, leave early Fri morning after a good night's sleep, get there early afternoon, rest, relax, enjoy the hot tub and a decent dinner, get a good night's sleep, and then off at first light to head back. Arrive home around midnight, unload, get some sleep, unpack the next day. Yeah, no. First off, I had to change my plans around to using my trailer again due to being unable to get the lighting fixed to match my friend's trailer, so ended up staying up later Thurs than I meant to, getting everything hooked up. Only got a few hours sleep, then was up again at 3am to head out. Of course, it was 4 before we actually left, but no big deal. Zoey and I hit the road for our grand adventure. We were in West Virginia or Ohio when it started snowing. Nothing too bad, but some accumulation on the road. Snow plows were going, but the wind was blowing (they said hurricane force), so the snow just kept getting in the way. The trailer decided to hit a patch of that snow, get stuck enough to pull the truck with it, slam the truck and trailer into a guard rail, slip on the snow, and end up jacknifed in a snowbank in the median. Thank God for 4 wheel drive! Get out and assess damage, much lights will need to be replaced to front passenger side, and rear driver's side, and had to bend out the front fender, but all was still drivable. The trailer sustained little damage, and only broke a few of the running lights. I considered going home at this point, but considering I'd been trying to make this trip for the last month, I decided to keep on. The accident, evaluation, and getting unstuck took a nice hour out of my trip, then I went a lot slower until we got out of the snow, which further cut into my drive time. Then, we're in the middle of nowhere Ohio, and I forgot how much my truck likes to eat gas, and I had a decent amount when I left the last town, but it was all uphill to the next town, and so we run out of gas. The wind is still blowing 60 miles an hour, and it's bitter cold, so while I tried to walk, it just wasn't going to work. And no one stopped. So, USAA to the rescue, which of course, took another hour. And not 5 minutes before the USAA guy shows up, 3 separate people driving horse trailers pull over to see if I'm okay and need help (I love horse people). Zoey is handling all this well, considering she hates road trips. So, the day goes's getting late. 6pm arrival time is slowly turning into midnight, and I'm operating on a total of 15 hours sleep from Monday morning to now. I am tired. And I have a reservation in the city just outside of where Morganfee is. So I keep on driving. I have no idea how I made it the last 20 miles, because I woke up like 5 times, just starting to swerve on the road. I did pull over for a 15 min catnap, but just wanted to get to the hotel! Finally made it. If anyone ever needs to go the Plover/Stevens Point area of WI, I HIGHLY recommend the Comfort Inn @ Plover. The rooms are nice, the staff has been exceptionally helpful the 2 times I have stayed there, and the multiple times I have talked to them on the phone, and it has a great indoor pool, and a spa (but the water pressure isn't very good). I slept in a little the next morning, had their breakfast, hopped in the hot tub to relieve some stiffness, and went to pick up Morgan. Considering I haven't backed a trailer in forever, I was impressed at how quickly it came back. Went to get her loaded, and she didn't want to get in. Tried bribing, sweet talking, no deal. So I got out of the trailer, and was talking to the lady who was helping, and she walks right past me and straight up into the trailer on her own! She just didn't want me in there first.....The rest of the trip was long but uneventful. By the time I hit big mountains, it was snowing again, and the roads were NOT plowed, and it was dark, and I was tired. So we ended up going 25-40 most of the way through the mountains. And I had to stop and sleep several times. Poor Morganfee. I don't think she'll ever get in a trailer willingly again! But about 10am we made it home. Quickly unpacked and slept for the rest of the day.......But we all made it home safely. Zoey, also, is avoiding any possibility of getting into the truck or car (don't know what she's going to think when we take off on our 2 week cross country adventure in a couple of months!). And I slept for the better part of 4 days, except when I had to be at work!

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