Sunday, March 14, 2010

Travels in VA

So, right before I get to the town where my Baby is being trained, is a small little town that I think I'm going to turn into a picture book. It looks like the sort of town the guys from "Supernatural" would turn up in while investigating some odd incident. There is a house where they keep their cats outside during the day (and there are around 20 of them!), chained to boxes, with their own food and water. The house itself is an older wooden house, with all sorts of odds and ends. The town has 2 churches (it's barely big enough for one!). There are 2 older guys who ride around town (which is really just a road with some little streets off it) one on a riding lawnmower that has a cart hooked to the back, and another rides around on a four wheeler. Then there's the semi-homeless vet, who lives in a little camper (about the size of the one I lived in for a while), with all kinds of "collections" around it. And when I went out there this past weekend, I couldn't believe I didn't have my camera. He was sitting out on a pile of his stuff on the side of the road, with an American flag up on a stick next to him. Would've made a great picture.....
In other news, the Baby is ridable! I got to ride him for the first time the other day, and he did awesome! So easy going, and very comfortable. He'll be coming home at the end of the month. Eileen at Mountaintop Ranch has done an AMAZING job with him.
And then......shortly after getting home with Morgan, I got an email looking for help in Haiti, so off I go, leaving Saturday and will be gone for a week. I'm sure there will be stories to post when I get back...

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