Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Number 2 in Haiti

Written March 21, 2010, starting in the San Juan airport....

So, morning finally arrived, and with a little over an hour of broken sleep, my adopted team and I made our way through security and to our gate at the San Juan airport. We stopped to get coffee and breakfast, and we were just settling into seats at the gate where only 3 other people were waiting. All of a sudden, I hear my name being spelled. It's my real team! They were the only other ones at the gate, and they were looking for me.... :-) Quick intros were made between the teams, and shortly thereafter we were joined by several other groups, along with people headed into the Dominican Republic or Haiti privately. It was a turbo prop plane, very noisy, but I still slept most of the way to Haiti. We finally arrived in Port au Prince at 1030am. We got settled in at the Mission of Hope compound, and went to lunch at a little restaurant just down the road. It's funny how much is coming back. The mountains - except this side is more desert than the other side, which is much greener, with higher mountains. Then at lunch, we had goat with beans and rice - a staple from our last trip. We went on a tour of the facilities - clinic, school, and orphanage, before having dinner and playing with the kids from the orphanage. Finally crashed into bed in my tent for the night. A group of Canadians that are here now doing construction brought Cribbage, so we had a couple of good games first.

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