Friday, February 5, 2010

Bright lights

Living out in the country is great, but sometimes driving on the roads isn't. Especially here in Virginia. People cannot seem to drive at night without their brights on (I rarely turn mine on, anywhere), and they don't pay attention to whether or not there's a car coming to turn them off. It's not that hard, I promise. I had to laugh the time my friend, Bambi, and I had just gotten back from New York, and it was about 4:30-5ish, just barely getting dusk, not really even dark enough to need your regular lights. So we're driving down the country road, and there's someone coming at us with their lights on, which was fine. Until they switched from high beams to low beams, and we realized they had had their brights on! I mean, what in the world! It was not anywhere near dark outside! Silly people.....we laughed about that the whole rest of her visit.
That and the rednecks that live up the road from me. We got stuck trying to get up the hill in the snow from my house, and they pull up behind us, and get out to try and help. They are all camo'd out, and had OBVIOUSLY been drinking. After appraising the situation, they say, "Well, we'll try to get you out, but we've had a little to drink tonight, so first we need to go behind that tree!" And that's what they did.....After coming back, the next thing out of their mouths is, "We just took a shower, so try not to get us dirty".....oh, my....then they start pushing the car while I'm trying to get it go forwards, and after about 5 minutes, one of them looks up and says, "Is this thing front wheel drive?".....Here's your sign....
So, back to the bright lights thing. I went and picked up my 4 wheel drive p/u yesterday in preparation for the 12+ inches of snow we are expecting, and went to drive it home, in the dark, and guess what? When you're that high off the ground, you don't notice the bright lights! It's a wonderful thing.....

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